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SHAMANIPPON is an official page of the Japanese musician, Tsuyoshi Domoto and his record label, SHAMANIPPON. This web site is basically designed with Adobe Flash and Java Script applications. Even though the structure of this website is quite simple (it only maintains 4 parts: Top, SHAMANIPPON, Topics and Profile), but it contains a few interesting design elements that attract me.

  1. In the animation of the index page, there are many little guys one by one walking toward the same direction. Those little guys are actually duplicate the same image (the portrait of Domoto himself). This repetition can catch my attention. Another interesting point in the index page is the visual aid in the middle of the frame. Those little guys walk and form a heart shape in their meeting point. It conveys a lot of message in this animation.
  2. When I move the cursor cover the button on the top right hand corner, the wording of the button will be highlight and also a small box will pop up next to the cursor. And there is the zoom in and out animation in the small box to show the background animation of each section of content.
  3. When I try to click in the profile section, the animation will be go down and show you another scene that you do not see in the index page. And when you cover the cursor on the little guy which separates from the other and sitting on the cliff, the profile of Domoto will appear in the bottom right hand corner.
  4. The content of this website is very simple and contains not much text, but it use the same English fonts to connect the navigation and the heading of each page and it makes the whole website well organize.

This website is designed with a simple looking yet interesting contents animation, but one thing I would like to recommend is about the alternate text. As the whole website is designed with Adobe Flash and Java Script base, people cannot easy to search this website in Yahoo or Google by using any keywords.

In addition, although the navigation in this website probably made by Flash, I found some useful information about making animation by using CSS and jQuery.
You can check it out in the bolow website if you feel interested.

Create a Cool Animated Navigation with CSS and jQuery
13 Excellent jQuery Animation Techniques

Ting Yan Wong

Digital Page and Web Graphics


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